Civil/Structural Engineering

PMPlus Consulting Engineers Division has been established to accompany South Africa’s economic development. The division was incorporated during the inception days of the company with the aim of addressing one of South Africa’s most acute problems – lack of water, roads and other infrastructure in the rural areas, and since then played a key role in the legendary blooming of the rural roads and other infrastructure development projects. Today PmPlus is one of the successful engineering firms in South Africa, working with municipal, public and government organizations as well as with the private sector to better the country’s water supply, sanitation, agricultural and infrastructure sectors.

Having turned its attention over the years to the needs of development, PMPlus has also acquired skills uniquely suited to emergent societies, making it a dynamic and progressive national concern. The company now offers a wide range of engineering services, including feasibility studies, planning, design, construction supervision and project management, in fields of specialization encompassing building infrastructure, water management, agricultural planning, wastewater treatment plants, civil engineering and infrastructure, as well as turnkey projects.

Our Offered Civil/Structural Engineering Services

  • Design & supervision of construction of reservoirs, dams & hydraulic structures.
  • Design & supervision of construction of tunnels & underground structures.
  • Statutory planning.
  • Preparation of master plans for metropolitan transport systems.
  • Performance of traffic studies.

  • Drainage systems for roads & highways.
  • Drainage works for surface runoff in urban & industrial areas.
  • Special hydraulic structures.
  • River training works.
  • Water impoundment for supply/flood routing.
  • Drainage systems for agricultural areas.
  • Sub-surface drainage works

  • Preparation of solid waste forecasts.
  • Hydro-geological surveys to locate suitable sites for sanitary l&fills.
  • Design, construction & operation of sanitary l&fill sites.
  • Planning & design of waste transportation systems.
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessments.
  • Performance of environmental risk assessments.
  • Planning & implementation of l&fill site restoration.